The teacher and student

Involved on the voices equestrian is not a new activity that I came because as all the arts, equestrian art is not really sufficient to feed the stomach (must first feed the horse). On the other hand, when we have the means of this equestrian art research can feed the mind and soul as any other art. When a little over a year ago I decided to try the selective entry of Versailles equestrian Academy I had to first motivation to find a way to continue to train me artistically in the introduction to my approach the mediums body and horse. Inside of me that resonated as an artistic and personal but also spiritual quest, because at age 30 I wanted more than anything to give me the opportunity to start this type of trip that is lived in a personal way, but which can also be shared for good (that I'm trying to understand it). Loneliness and artistic wanderings can sometimes be experienced terribly, this isn't my case I assure you but this is something that I absolutely want to avoid and for this there is nothing worse than to not see this State and even to settle yourself gently. Since the beginning of my studies I strongly feel this danger of imprisonment. For me it is a refusal to engage in a practice that would use a medium in an exclusive way I think to avoid this. Of course we should not see there a criticism of those for whom it works, each his way! After only two weeks at the heart of this new formation and a broken finger I realize (but especially I confirm what I sensed!) that it is consistent and that more new people I work with are also in this approach. It is therefore not only to training and work with horses but to be researchers especially interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. I found Carlos Pereira is a great opportunity which I intend to enjoy the most this year. Let me write a bit more about him when I learn more about but I think I can already say that it is part of those rare people who can recognize the potential in each of its students and especially working to go even further than what the student can do and this on all levels. It is therefore on this last point that it stands out because it is not just technician or end psychologist or visionary, he is all of this and more. It's a real teacher who feeds his pupil by the Exchange that he interview with and by his benevolence. As he likes to say himself, the true master is the one who reveals to the student what he already knows! And it does not say that in its regard since himself feels the current student of another master who is the Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa, large Japanese primatologist with which he works for a little more than two years. Desperate a few years of not having found his master in riding Carlos Pereira made just to find the door of Primatology, where once again the importance of constant openness to other areas of research. So I do not only riding boots but I also take the notebooks to record tons of references equestrian, philosophical, artistic, scientific… that I have the chance to receive each day and promise a very nourishing year!

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