A horse!

On June 20 I start year equestrian training with Carlos Pereira Squire which I will return later on the race and the different aspects of his approach. In the meantime if you would like to know more you can go for a ride on the site of the Institute of the horse and the Portuguese riding. In response to my presentation we the about page I need now elaborate on my approach to horse riding and the reasons which today lead me to follow this race and not another. I turned back to ponies and long years of weekly practices of riding, always with passion, ball in the stomach and posters in the room when I started my first year of study at the fine arts of Angoulême. Period of almost 10 years without a sniff of mane, without getting a sniff by a nostril without aches and breads in the butt would follow. It was unthinkable to come back not for a quiet walk because in the background it was much too serious a matter to consider returning to lightly (by also incompatible with my student time, urban lifestyle). I prefer therefore to smother the fire, sacrificing this part of me that made me grow up. The words are strong and the registry was little joking but that's really how I felt. The ponies had helped me out of my shell is small, very shy I was who was struggling to go play alone in the garden or to talk to people other than my parents. It is therefore natural that I came back to the horses after leaving Paris and built in Nantes has few months ago. After a first saddle ashoke confidant I became aware of the extent of my ignorance of the horse. It was not normal to have so much fear while having to continue to have fun, this lack of knowledge was at the root of my fears. This is as I undertook the exploration of parallel equestrian paths, thanks to the famous system of half that allows a rider to take care of a horse (of a particular well often) more autonomous and responsible manner. Through this I started to ask more questions and to put me in search of answers and solutions about equestrian race (what exercises, what objectives and progress of the work) about behavior of the horse from more frequent manipulation that I'd had a habit until there and sought work and everything related to the environment mode of life, care and feeding of the horse. And to finish we the very important point that is the rider, my own psychology and the use of my body we football got on horseback. I almost set everything in order even though it is obvious that this is not year ideal order of questioning but it was mine. It is certain that I expect this input and assimilation of technical and theoretical knowledge training in horse riding, but much more than that, I see this training have year experiment, new adventure of my artistic path that will allow me hopefully to have more strings to my bow (also archery on horseback that I recently discovered should be part of my hobby training) to build and collaborate we new projects. There are few truly multidisciplinary equestrian training in France and who especially open to other fields as those strictly relating to horses and Equestrian practice (even if really interested in horses is already interested in many things). Not to mention the wars of chapels that exist between different equestrian approaches and preventing most of the equitants to ask the right questions and to evolve in a fulfilling way with their equine friends. So through this blog I want to hold some kind of account of this experience and what will result. This very personal blog, is not only the riders but for any sensitive soul to the association of ideas and bridges thrown between two banks to risky experiments and practices strict to the ramblings and methodical reasoning.

illustration © Paul X Johnson

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